Other sealants

Acrylic Sealant


Specifications: 24Pcs/Carton, 300ml/Tube

20Pcs/Carton, 600ml/Sausage

Color: Transparent/White/Black/Customized

Shelf life: 12 Months


Product Features

One component is neural curing at room temperature, which is easy to use, has good extrudability, and has thixotropy in the temperature range of 4-40°C.

Good adhesion to most building materials.

With excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance, ozone resistance, and resistance to high and low-temperature performance, is the ideal weather-resistant sealing material.


Main Uses

Applicable to the skirting line, door frame, window frame, plasterboard ceiling, and wallpaper joints of the gap edge.

For concrete, masonry. gypsum, wood, and other porous, absorbent surface have good adhesion.

Elastic, non-cracking, can be painted. The construction surface must be clean, solid, and dry.

Gypsum, brick, and other high-absorbency surface had better use of primer treatment to ensure the edge of the adhesive and the base surface of the bond.