Other sealants

MS Polymer Sealant


Specification: 20Pcs/Carton, 600ml/Sausage

Color: Transparent/White/Black/Gray/Customized

Shelf life: 12 Months


Product Features

Environmental protection low odor, health zero formaldehyde, no primer can achieve a variety of substrate adhesion, anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging performance, non-mildew, can paint.

Good weather resistance, durability, anti-aging, high resistance to deformation and displacement, good adhesion, coating, environment-friendly, low stain, low viscosity, and good workability


Main Uses

Suitable for high-grade family decoration, stainless steel door covers, wainscots, skirting lines, doors, and windows, etc.

The surface temperature of suitable construction materials is from 5-40°C.

A variety of other indoor uses.