Specifications: 20Pcs/Carton, 750ml/pc

Color: White/Customized

Shelf life: 12 Months


Product Features

Has high expansion, adhesion, waterproofing, insulation, sound insulation, and heat insulation.pressure resistance, shock resistance, and low heat conduction rate low water


Products are widely used and diverse.

After the product is solidified, it will not crack, shrink, or corrupt for a long time.

Can fill and bond different materials.

Simple operation, fast solidification, strong use, low cost, and so on.


Main Uses

Fixed bonding, filling, and insulation of various doorsteps and window frames.

Seal, heat insulation, heat preservation. leakage and filling in various types of pipelines.

Waterproof, heat preservation, and sealing of the wall, roof, and fence.

The fixation, adhesion, filling, and insulation of indoor objects.